• Broken single pane windows can be simple.  If  your  window is annealed glass, we can take care of you usually the same day.  If the glass is tempered, we have to have  it manufactured,  but it will normally only take  one or two business days.
  • Insulated Glass Units.  If your glass is broken,  we can replace the glass quickly.  Again, if the  glass is tempered, there is a little more time  needed to manufacturer the unit.
  • Retrofit windows or new construction windows.  Vazquez Glass can order and install windows  for you, or provide you with windows that you  can install yourself.  

Our Promise


Shower Doors

Whether you want a simple slider shower or a complicated heavy glass door, Vazquez Glass is your choice.

Some of the reasons that set Vazquez Glass apart from the rest.

  • We measure out of square.  If your tile isn't flawless, our style is designed to highlight your tile work.  There will be no areas where the silicone is 1/2 thick.
  • We cut at angles that match your tile. This is a skill set needed to make your enclosure as amazing as possible.
  • We used high quality silicone.  Our water clear silicone is beautiful and will not change colors the way cheaper silicones will over time.
  • When needed, we will use adjustable hinges.  Again, this makes a cleaner look.
  • Francisco actually measures for other glazers, because his work is that precise!
  • Francisco has over 20 years glazing experience.


Our work is good. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done.